dani miller . artist | photographer


Welcome {sugar} friends! My name is Dani Miller and I am the owner of {sugar hill} photography & design. I started this wonderful journey over 10 years ago when my 1st daughter was only 2.  I now have 4 beautiful daughters, all with wonderful personalities that you may see through photographs that I take of them.

You may be wondering, "why the name {sugar hill}?"....


My sweet Charlie is my youngest child. We realized that she would be our last baby as well. So while sitting and looking into her sweet newborn eyes I thought about all the memories of when my other girls were newborn and how wonderful and lucky I am to be a mother to such awesome souls. Each baby is so different and sweet. This made me think about my photography and how each beautiful soul I photograph are different from the next. Why should I have a standard photography name and business like everyone else when my work and creativity isn't that way. My sweet Charlie really became my muse~ about a month after this was brought up I came up with {sugar hill} photography. The name was sweet and interesting~ just like my style of photography. I then decided to bring my creativity up and out, stylize my sessions to what my clients will love and I will too.


My images aren't posed, they are moments that even though we swear we will remember, we sometimes just can't because of the chaos that surrounds us daily. {sugar hill} images are creative and fun and sometimes a little out of left field but that is pretty much how our souls are.

So, please enjoy your stay here and soak in all the warmth and smiles that you see. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. 



130 main street  st. charles . iowa 50240